Wipe With Us!

Whatever thoughts you had about sacrificing your comfort for our climate, then throw (or fold into a paper crane) that idea away, stat! Hang tight fellow wiper, we’ve jotted down a quick list of benefits for making the switch to an eco-friendly loo lifestyle.  

Did You Know

...and if you did we’re seriously impressed, that toilet paper wipes out 27,000 trees worldwide daily, by either being flushed or dumped in landfill? That’s a serious amount of waste! Now we’re not out hugging trees or pulling rabbits out of a hemp hat, quite simply we’re just chuffed to say our toilet paper is 100% recycled! Less waste, more wisdom don’t you think? 

There is a stack of uses for the humble bamboo plant

and sure if you get lucky enough to score a lifetime of wealth & happiness then good for you my friend, however, what you should know about these tall stalks of wonder is that they’re also another key material used in our range. We’ve combined a luxurious looking design with a super-soft finished coating to make this one hell of a backside benefit.

You poop, we plant! Yep, you read that right, we’ve partnered with friends at onetreeplanted.org, a 501C3 non-profit organisation with a focus on global reforestation, to plant one tree for every box sold. We’re creating a healthier climate so you can spend more time outside - go grab yourself a kite once you’ve finished the doing the deed.


Now we promise you don’t have to go full #ecowarrior, but the feeling of helping the planet while you do your business is a pretty darn good one, take our word for it, better yet try for yourself. No matter how you roll, you & your toosh are on the road to a softer, smarter society! 

This Is How We Roll!