Environmentally Awesome Accounts To Browse Whilst In The Bathroom

You close the door, sit on the throne for some peace n’ quiet and begin to scroll… but HOLD UP, let’s use this time to get some good news into your day! Our feeds are a little gloomy at times these days, so we’ve compiled this list of super-cool human beings doing some awesome stuff for the greater good of the planet, just to share some of the best things going on in the world. Because there is lots of it...

At How We Roll towers, we love a quirky individual with an interesting story who’s dedicated to sustainable living or eco-goodness, just like us. They inspire us to learn about other ways of how we can help the environment, especially with little lifestyle changes and better environmental knowledge. It can be pretty overwhelming sometimes knowing where to start if you want to do ya bit, so little tips n’ tricks, or greater awareness from these little daily scrolls does heaps to help. So while you’re taking care of your 1’s and 2’s (hopefully with sustainable bathroom products like ours. Wink wink, nudge nudge), enjoy some happy planet news.

So then! Onto our Environmental Activist Awesome List! 

@surfersforclimate -
 “A sea-roots movement dedicated to mobilising and empowering surfers for continuous and positive climate action.” 

  • Global account run by surfers with stuuunning gallery level photography to make you long for some water therapy. They share info and worthy petitions to help the causes of climate change. Follow along for the ride.

@greeningaustralia – “Working to create healthy, productive landscapes where people and nature thrive 🌳”

  • Awesome account mixing sustainable science, animal biology, seed genetics and conservation facts with some seriously cute AF animal photos. Did you know that without Emu’s we wouldn't have as many cranberry heath, flame heath and guinea flowers inside conservation reserves!? Neither did we.


@entrylevelactivist - “helping u make the language of activism more relatable and less overwhelming”. 

  • Run by sustainable fashion activist babe and badass skier @faith_robinson who has been a key player and speaker at the Copenhagen sustainability summit. ELA breaks down key social, political or environmental activism terms which get thrown around the web, but might not be fully understood into little quick slides, you’ll learn something every scroll.


@poppyokotcha – Permaculture teacher “🌍”Bring Eden back to Earth” 🌍 Regenerative activism 🌳Watching nature, growing food.”

  • Poppy, apart from being absolutely beautiful inside and out, is a super knowledgeable permaculture activist and educator. Bringing you amazing plant-mama facts to have your babies in bloom, home grown garden goodness and recipes to die for, Poppy’s feed is a wholesome delight that will get you yearning for some seeds and soil.


@be_an_unfucker – “The planet's fucked but we're optimistic we can turn things around. Be An Unfucker and start by changing ONE un eco-friendly habit at a time.”

  • They share bitesize engaging content on how an individual can improve the environment in daily life, the best new eco-documentaries to watch and info on other cool humans doing stuff you’ll wanna know about.


@chicksforclimate – “Where feminism and environmentalism come together.” 

  • Quirky graphic design, snappy slogans and ‘check yourself’ facts written from a place of love. Super interesting, educational and thought provoking account, this one is NOT just for the girls. 


@plasticfreemermaid“Waterwoman | Environmentalist | Zero Waste | Author”

  • Kate Nelson will have you immediately wanting to dive into the big blue, slink around like the inner Ariel or Aquaman you really are, and clean up the ocean by quitting plastic use wherever you can. Little changes make a big difference, and she will genuinely make you want to do it for the dolphins.

@littlesunenergy “Solar energy products by Olafur Eliasson. A social business. A global project spreading clean, affordable energy.” 

  • One for the renewable energy activists. This incredibile solar power renewable energy initiative strives to provide light to areas of the world in developing countries where they do not have access to the electrical grid, via ‘little suns’. These little yellow solar lamps are helping children study, keep the elderly safe and protect wildlife at night. Design at its absolute best!

@bushheritageaus“We buy & manage land + partner with Aboriginal people to protect landscapes & native species forever 🌱🐾 “

  • True wilderness wanderlust. Mix gorgeous landscapes of red-earthed Aus, and native species with awesome conservation knowledge. Learn about Aboriginal land practices, country and spiritual connection with the land, and how we can all protect it further. 

@take3forthesea - “Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere, and you have made a difference.”

  • Founded by eco-babe @timsilverwood, a keen ocean lover and sustainability activist, this account gives you that little kick up the butt to go for that beach or countryside run, take a little bag and shove some plastic in it knowing you’ve done your bit. 

@lucky__roland - “In love with the world.”

  • Suuuper cool guy touring round Aus cleaning up rubbish from the bush. All in a self-converted bright yellow 4x4 truck that runs on waste vegetable oil, ...whilst promoting renewable energy and raising awareness of eco-living off grid?!
    H - E - R - O.


@seabin_project“Smart tech for smart cities. Cleaning up our oceans one marina at a time.”      

  • These clever sea bins can consume around 1,500kg of plastic every year from our oceans and harbours. Follow their journey as they focus on the future, and aim to dramatically cut down ocean pollution with their awesome tech.

@brinkleydavies – “Waterwoman • Creator • Environmentalist” 

  • Megababe Brinkely posts jaw-droppingly beautiful freediving content, posts breathwork tutorials and educates about ocean related environmental issues and Aus wildlife. She’s also got her own sustainable jewellery brand made working with 10% for the Wild charity. 

So that’s it, who was your favourite? Or have we now lost you to the instagram eco-vortex? Either way, happy plopping.